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Gig is not getting impressions

I have a gig from 2016 but i stopped using fiverr untill 2020 start and i have made good progress on other gig but i am trying my best for old gig but i am not getting any impressions even not on Promoted gig panel.

Anyone can tell me if anything wrong with my gig?
Here is the Link…

Thank you

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Have you updated your gig since you came back? I’m sure you’ve improved in four years, so you could improve you sample gig image (including removing the stars, as that’s now a violation of Fiverr’s rules.)

There’s also more competition in that category, so it’s another challenge you’ll need to keep in mind.


Yes i have tried improving image , Tags , Text almost everything but i am trying from an year now on this gig.

Thanks i will remove the stars.

Increase the font size while you’re at it. It’s too small to read as a thumbnail.

Get rid of unlimited revisions.

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