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Gig is not in english


I want to create a spanish gig, but when im try to publishthe gig in spanish, i have a message ¨Gig is not in english¨ i have 3 gigs in spanish, but this one i cant create.

What can i do?


send a Mail to Fiverr support… i dont know why, i make a lot of gigs in my personal count on spanish and its work everytime… i postit and repost, dit etc…


I think you need to contact Fiverr Customer Service for the better solution.


Create the gig in English.


I will write a Spanish blog
I will do a German voiceover

Fiverr wants the gigs to be in English so they can make sure you’re not breaking their rules, at least that’s my theory. That doesn’t mean that the work you do has to be in English. When one of my Hispanic clients buys from me, I always address him in Spanish, unless he replies in English.