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Gig is not in Fiverr Search

Hello All!

Just wanted to write this here, since I have not heard from Fiverr Support for about 8 days in my ticket…

Last week I started to notice that my gig goes completely off search, I tried to search it but it’s not showing up, you can try maybe too: “professionally grow and manage instagram”

I also notice that during the last few days the gig came to search but only for few hours and then went off again. It’s a little bit frustrating when you get normally over 200 clicks and then suddenly 30 clicks and of course decrease in orders. Fiverr is number 1 source of income for me, so I am little bit worried right now…

Please if this happened to you earlier, share your experience. Or maybe should I create another ticket for Fiverr Customer Support? What do you guys suggest to do?

Thank you.