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Gig is not in search result after bug on gig page?

Why my gig is not showing in search result after bug on gig page? We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.

I am on first my 2 gig rank on first page but after this bug "We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. " my all gig are not seen on search result i check up to 10 pages my gig not show?

Does anyone help me?


I have a problem like this from 3 months ago. It hasn’t been correct yet.

Research things before you ask.

EVERYONE has this bug right now, as we’ve discussed in the forum in countless threads. Maybe read them? If the bug affects everyone, why wouldn’t it affect you? Your Level doesn’t alleviate bugs and it’s incorrect to assume the analytics bug affects your ranking. It doesn’t. That’s not how bugs or algorithms work. It’s called a coincidence.

Don’t make up conclusions.


Something is definitely not right. I have been selling for a year and all of my gigs were always best-selling in their categories. Around May (When the impression bug appeared) all of my gigs went to the last page and a bunch of other sellers are reporting the same issue. I contacted CS about it but not much has been done. I hope that they can fix it soon so that everything can run as smooth as before.

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@worthforcheap, please stop copying and pasting this same text in multiple topics. There is nothing wrong with the search algorithm. Fiverr does not guarantee that any gigs will show up where the seller wants them to appear. Gigs rotate frequently. Your gig might be back near the top tomorrow… maybe in two weeks… perhaps even a month. Rotation is normal, and it allows the search results to stay fresh, and give everyone a chance to compete for visibility.


That’s why we have the “New arrivals” filter. I am copying and pasting my response because a lot of sellers are apparently having the same issue. Some attention is needed to that. If you are not experiencing this issue please just ignore this. I wouldn’t have bothered to post a single comment if I wasn’t sure that something was off. We have multiple sellers reporting this same issue and it’s literally the same case with each one of us. High performance gigs would’ve never been tossed in the back if it wasn’t for a bug. It all happened around the Stats bug that appeared around two weeks ago.

Copy and pasting your complaint all over the forum is not going to “fix” anything. Fiverr has stated that the search system is working as it is supposed to be working. Your experience does not mean anything is broken. Gig rotation has been happening for years.

But surely it isn’t really since it shows for some things (eg. “logo”) >=24 pages of results but when you select page 22 it says “no results found”. Why show >=24 pages of results then?

Perhaps Fiverr wants to allow buyers the opportunity to search though multiple gigs.

No, nothing is working as intended. I’ll give you an example - I just checked my orders page and I have completed 13 orders for the last week just from repeat customers, but I am at the last page with the Best-selling filter applied, which is definitely not the case as I’ve been spectating and observing each gig on the first page. Most of the gigs are gigs without reviews, 1 5 star review for the last month or gigs with 4.3 star 10 total reviews. As for the gig rotation - you’re totally missing the point of how it works. The highest performance gigs are up there, the mid-tier gigs are tossed in the back a little to make room for new potential sellers and the low performance gigs are deranked. I always invest 150% of my energy in my work and that’s how I became a best-seller. I have been one for the last year, my stats were always 100% and my profile has a full 5 star rating estimated from almost 500 reviews. And yeah, you can send me the same robotic response about an issue that you’re not experiencing but I know for a fact that something’s not right because the math doesn’t work. 13 orders and 11 reviews for a week on a single gig and my gig is the last gig on the 5th and last page. Gigs with 1 review from 5 months ago and zero queued orders for the last week have been on the FIRST page, both in search results and with the “Best-selling” filter applied. And A LOT of sellers are reporting this issue. Just for the past few hours we have 40+ sellers who reported it and it’s literally the same story where literally all of the details from A to Z match.


But if the ones >= around page 22 just say “no results” it’s really a bug/bad idea to be showing the buyer that they have 24 or 25 pages of results for their search. It’s bad design. We’ve 24/25 pages but when you try to view the last few you can’t. It incorrectly says there’s no results. If there are no results it shouldn’t have said there were in the first place (it should have just show options to view eg. pages 1-20 or 1-21 or however many it could show results for).

No, I don’t think I am. I’ve been here on Fiverr for more than six years. I am well aware of how things work. And the gig rotation doesn’t seem to be any different than it has been for quite some time. Just because your gig has entered the rotation, does not mean that anything is broken. Like I said, you may be on the last page now, but you could be in the middle, or even back at the top in a few weeks.

There is nothing broken. This is how the search system works.

No more than previous years. This is nothing new. And it’s not new, just because you are experiencing it now. It’s been rotating like this for years. I know… because my gigs have been in rotation – just like yours are now – many times in the past few years. It’s how the system works.

Jon, it doesn’t matter, you totally missing the point again. Do you know what the “Best-selling” filter is for? If yes, do you care to explain how gigs with 1 review from 4 months ago and 0 queued orders over the course of the last 2 weeks are at the first page and my gig with 13+ orders and 10 reviews from the last week only is at the 5th and last page with the “Best-selling” filter applied? Also, not to mention that 1 of my gigs with 100+ reviews absolutely disappeared from the search results and is nowhere to be seen.


I am not missing the point. You’re not listening, so I am done trying to help you. Good luck as you continue to search for other answers than those that I have already provided.

You never really wanted to help, you just made some remarks which were not helpful at all. Would you care to explain to me how the “best-selling” filter is intended to work?


Fiverr really should make the “best selling” sort option show them in “best selling” order (however that’s determined eg. either by number of orders or by total order amount). It currently doesn’t seem to show them in best selling order at all. eg. it sometimes shows gigs with no reviews and no “recent delivery date” before ones that do have them.


It is determined by volume of orders within a given time - that’s what CS told me, but apparently that’s definitely not the case. Something’s really off with the search results and the filters right now and I really hope that it gets fixed soon.


The recent gigs dissapering from the search looks strange to many sellers… You claim nothing is wrong with the algorithm… If anything is faulty with the algorithm, would you know? Or would you be informed by the Fiverr staff? Nobody knows if anything is wrong but you can’t claim what you don’t know too… the algorithm is dynamic and nobody knows how it works

Over 50+ sellers complaining of this issue…


Actually i don’t really know what’s happening here. Like, i got no clicks, impressions and etc. Whats really happening?


Yes You right…I agree with you. My gig also on first page after some day My gig goes in last page…But Yesterday My gig came again in First page!!!