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Gig is not Publishing saying that retake English Test after 92 Days

hi guy
need your help
my gig is not publishing in fiverr
notice: show that “retake your english test in 92day”
actually i applied for test when i was uploading thing for my fiverr gig then suddenly i lost my internet connection which cause in loss of my english test…
can i get any solution or there is nothing now but wait for 92 days ???

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When you are doing test you must do it only if you are on stable internet.

Also you had two times to attempt before the 90 days option.

Now you have no option but to wait 90 days.


Hi Brother Don’t worry about it, :slightly_smiling_face:

It is normal to face such dangers suddenly while taking Fiverr Skill test Your internet connection was lost while you were taking the Fiverr Skill Test Your Internet connection was disconnected If you can explain the matter to the Fiverr authorities, they will definitely give you a chance You make a special request to the Fiber Authority and explain the matter to them Hopefully this will help you to publish your gig with re-skill test

Thanks brother But i Found only one is Disturb by this
By the Ways Thanks All

But can you tell me, how can i contact and request to fiverr. for retake test telling them the reason.