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Gig is not showing after cancelling order and editing the gig

Hello Folks!!
I am a new seller on fiverr. After receiving first 6 to 7 orders my gig was showing on the top of the search results. But after cancelling two orders my order completion rate went down to 75 percent. After that I did not received any new order and my gig is also not showing in the search results. Now my order completion rate goes up to 86 percent (which I received from the previous buyers not the new buyers). I also edit my gig multiple times. But now after 1 week, gig is still not appearing in the search results despite order completion rate goes up to 86 percent and maintaining 5 star rating. Can anyone tell me what might be the possible reason for this and how I can tackle this situation.

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cancellation affect your gig ranking badly and editing of gig multiple time also impacts on your gig ranking. Do not edit the gig or change the pictures continuously. now wait it will take time and focus on your completion rate with your previous buyers.

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Thanks for your answer…Could there be another reason apart from that?

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no i don’t think so…

I had the same issue. How long might it take for the gig to appear again on search results?

No one knows the fiverr calculations and algorithms.