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Gig is not showing any where!

I completed 3000+ orders with 5 star rating and I am member since 2016.

I am facing a very strange issue since December 2020.

The gig disappears for many days without any reason while it shows ACTIVE under the fiverr system.
During this period i don’t get any single new inquiry, No new order, No gig impression, clicks and other stuff.
After some days, suddenly i am getting new inquiries and it make me feels like everything is now normal.

Its now agin more than 40 days and i am not getting any single new inquiry. I applied for gig promotion and its showing “Unqualified” in front of gig?

I have 2 questions

1- Why the gig appear and disappear issue is going on from December 2020 with me on all gigs?

2- What is gig “Unqualified” means under the Gig promotion area?


same problem here from last 40 days


Same problem here from last 60 days.


hi my gigs had impression and click but receive any orders yet can any one advise me ?

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Have you tried making a small edit to your gig to see if any issues come up in the editing pane?

Or maybe pause the gig and then activate it again to see if that changes anything?

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  2. What can we help you with?

  3. What is the issue with your gig?
    (My Gig doesn’t appear in search)

  4. Which Gig are you trying to locate?
    (Select your gig)

  5. If you still need any help with this issue, contact a Customer Support Specialist here and we’ll be happy to help.

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  9. Submit Request
    Wait, it will be solved within 1/2 day


Thanks Bro i will follow your advise to check, by the what is mean of fiverr verfied?

Same Problem here from last 50 days

Same problem here since beginning of March and a bit before. Gig now 100% dead in the water after hundreds of 5 star reviews. No response from cs but standard replies. REALLY hoping this gets solved quickly

your issue is fixed or not?

Similar thing happened with me 4 days ago, I got promoted gigs option 6 days ago and then just after 2 days I suddenly got all my gigs disappeared from all positions, I was on top of the pages but now I’m nowhere, I contacted Fiverr CS but they replied me with the same message that they can’t disclose how our algorithm work. Fiverrr is really become hell for sellers, even Im close to become level 2.

I’m also facing this problem. :thinking: :thinking:

The very same here and no explanation. I was also due to become a Top Rated Seller too. Gigs have disappeared for no reason and without any explanation. Fiverr seen to be binning loads of good sellers. There is no logic to it

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Same issue here! I hope they will solve this tragic issue soon…

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we all have this problem at the moment. I advise everyone to ask CS to watch this forum thread.

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I am also having the same problem from last 3-4 months, I have 5 star rating everything is going good but suddenly it disappeared for months, than again when everything is coming back to normal. It disappeared again.
What we can do with this issue, I have other fellows who are facing the same issues.

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How we can reach him ?

Did you get it solved? I am still facing the issue.

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Hi! I am facing this issue since last 16-17 days and I am a new seller here, I am quite worried about this issue. Have you got it solved? please guide me too.

For me also no solution yet