Gig Is Not Showing Despite Creating Newer Ones and Deleting Older Ones



I just created a new gig the day before yesterday. It didn’t show in the search(despite SEO tricks and keywords). I came here and looked at some posts. One user had suggested that I pause my previous gig and create a new one to solve the problem.

I did that, but even the new gig is not showing up in the searches. This despite later deleting the older gig and searching again. I’m sure because I manually searched for it by going through the entire set that the search shows up - it just isn’t showing. I don’t think there’s any reason for some sort of automatic blocking because I use pictures licensed for commercial usage, and my own picture for my profile.

Any suggestions?


It can take a few days for new or edited gigs to show up in the search.


Thank you for the prompt comment. How long should I wait? 5-7 days?


No definite time really, but if it doesn’t appear after the weekend maybe give CS a shout and ask them? :sunny:


Ok, will do. I’ve looked at the forums but couldn’t find a way to directly contact CS. How do I do that?


I actually posted thinking CS is active here!


There’s a ‘contact support’ link at the bottom of every page, but this will take you to it: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for taking the time out. Extremely helpful.


:purple_heart: Sorry run out of hearts - you’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: