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Gig is not showing in search result

Hello Fiverr Community,
I am new user in fiverr. I pened my account 4 months back. In last month due to my computer related problem i didnt access fiverr. nOW MY pc is working fine. When i opened my fiverr account and search my in search result using related keyword its not showing. Can any one guide me what is the reason behind it and what to do to my gig once again in search result?

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Fiverr is in process of updating its system and thousands of sellers are facing the same issue,do not worry fiverr team is working on that and will be done on 27 june,wait till that time

Where did you hear it will be updated 27 of June? @shahattaullah

@bodmas from fiverr ,from 27 june they will start the new system

Can I see the screenshot of their response? @shahattaullah

check this out @bodmas

@shahattaullah Thanks… But they didn’t talk about search placement… Just maintenance…

yes of course the whole system will be updating

Alright… thanks…

Hi thanks for ur reply but i am asking about my gigs are not in search result.i am not taking about gig impression and click…