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Gig is not showing on 1st page after changing 1 image


My Gig was showing on the recommend page as well as on the best selling 1st page of vector tracing. But after I have changed 1 image in my Gig, its not showing anywhere in the list. Please help me.



When did you change the image? After an edit, it often takes a little while for Gigs to return to their old ranking position.


I have changed 1 hour ago. Thanks for your reply.

No problem!

If you edited your Gig an hour or so ago, it’ll probably take around 24-48 hours for everything to return to normal. :slight_smile:


Happy to know that. :grinning:

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Hi Jhora,

I hope it comes back, but everything about your gig seems to affect the ranking algorithm.

I remember in the podcast they did about ranking, they mention the name of the image is a factor.

Make sure it has the same name as the last image, and I hope it comes back :+1:

do not update your gig if your gig at good ranking. on my experience after updating gig image its gone from 1st page.

Thanks to you all. My gig is showing on the rank again. Thanks for your support.

Thanks Jhora

Don’t worry @uniquejhora It will take time. :laughing:

I think it’s happened for all, don’t need to be a worry!