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Gig is not showing online in online seller filter

I am online but my gigs are not getting searched when I apply the online sellers filter.
I’ve tried refreshing the page several times and and I’ve also logged in several times
Please suggest a solution.


You won’t appear in the search if you’re breaking the ToS.

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I would recommend you to check your specific keywords what you are focusing for your gig services…
If you still don’t find your gig in the search filter…
you can submit ticket regarding this…

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i recommended to you check your important keywords and help now fiverr community

check your gigs that it is active or not

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reload your page or gig 3or4 time refresh

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I face this problem many time I suggest you first you can check your gig is active or not then if your result is not active or active but not appearing on search you can help form fiverr support team you can send a request for active your gig.

I had a look at your gigs, and it appears that you’re offering to do academic work for others, which is against Fiverr TOS. You also appear to have duplicate gigs selling pretty much the same thing. Aside from knowing that you’re trying to sell chemistry as your specialty, duplicate gigs only end up getting buried after awhile and taken down.

I’m appearing in the search but sometimes my gig doesn’t show up when i apply online seller filter

I’m getting searched but not in the onliner seller section

Sometimes it works but most of the times it doesn’t