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Gig is not showing when searching

Hi, fiverr. I’ve registered here about two weeks ago, created a profile, filled it with all info about myself, my experience and finally created a gig. It was May 17. There it is -

So the issue is that my Gig (and even my whole profile) is not seen in any search. Even if I’ll copy whole gig name and paste it into the search bar, I can’t find myself. Yes, I’m doing it from another PC and I’ve even asked my friend from another country to try to find me on fiverr - 0 results.

Second strange thing is that I cannot even find my username in the search - how is this possible?

My account is recently created, as I said before - about 2 weeks ago. My email is verified as well as a phone number.

Any suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Come on! Any suggestions?

this is common for new users, for you to be highlighted in the search results. you have to have atleast 1-2 orders or a rating.

How do I get order if my Gig is not showing?

refer your service to someone you know. ( willing to buy or any family relatives etc )

or advertise it etc.

the key is that, you have to “invest” in your gig. for you to have buyers.

hope it helps. :smiley:

base on my expertise,
no one will buy a service from an unknown seller with no rating, so you have to get a rating atleast one.

just refer it to someone that you think will buy your service ( my best suggestion )

Well, I’ll try. Thanks a lot.

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I also need some suggestion on this concept also my gig is not also showing …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: