Gig is not shown Search Result



I am searching my Gig in the search and i can’t find my gig in the search result. Can anyone help me why my gig is not shown in search result?

Thanks in advance.


Ask Customer Support.


Will follow. I am having the same issue.


Any luck? Have messages customer support. Waiting to see what they say. Would love to begin making some sales… I guess being able to find my Gig would help, eh?


Please inform me if you got any response!


I had the same issue and support resolved it fairly quickly.


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Hi there! I know this post is a year old, but I’m just curious of either of you have seen a change in your gigs showing up in the search results when putting your key words into the search bar. Did you employ new tactics? Any learnings to share?

I’m a L2 with 200 five star reviews and no matter what search terms or key words I use I no longer show up in search results. There are a number of posts about this, but wanted to follow up with you to see if things have changed.

Thanks for your time! Wishing you continued success! <3


Umm seriously?


Hi @djgodknows,

I hope this note finds you well!

Yep, this was a post from a year ago. I’m curious to learn what happened with the Sellers’ gigs. This “search result” forum convo starter topic has shown up many times over the years. I’m curious to know what their experience has been.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have a lovely evening!


Hi Lisa,
Did not happen to me.

But the only resolution can be provided via:


Hi djgodknows,

Thanks for your advice. I contacted CS last week.

They responded “We can confirm that your Gig is in search but bear in mind, we’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs.”

However, if one were to enter the following keywords into the search field " american female voice" then one would find that my gigs are not listed, at all.

I waited a week and just contacted them again today. Perhaps they can shed some light on why my gigs don’t show up when they did just a couple of weeks ago.

I’m interesting in hearing from folks to whom this has happened, and if they changed keywords or otherwise.

Thanks again! I appreciate you trying to help and glad to learn this hasn’t happened to you.