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Gig is not shown When I remove filter!

Hello, Hope You are all doing good!

I have one problem with my gig link

When I add the online filter my gig show on the first page 2nd row! but when I remove the online filter My gig is not anywhere even I go back to 10 pages.

I discussed this issue with customer support but not get much info. Can anybody tell whats going on there??

When you are searching for your own gigs, you’re in buyer mode. You’re filtering for online sellers, but at that time, you’re a buyer.

@ducktheunicorn I know that but the problem is when I put the online filter its show my gig in first page first or second row. why not show gig when I remove the online filter even i go back to the 10 pages. :upside_down_face:

Don"t Worry Bro, your problem is regularly happening with everyone, please carry one