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Gig is not visible in search

Hi, I am having a Gig which was on top from past 6 to 8 months for the keyword "app promotion". But now when i am searching for my gig it is not showing in the search results. Not in "High Rating", not in "recommended" and nor in "New". Even my gig is having high rating in comparison to other gigs. It was shown in "High Rating" but now its not showing anywhere in the search. I don't know why it happened. I think its a technical problem with the gig. My gigs status is active. But its not showing anywhere in fiverr due to which i am not getting new orders only users who have saved my gig earlier are ordering my gig. Rest of the buyers unable to find it in search option. I am attaching a link to my gig with this message. Here is the link:

Please put my gig back in the search so that buyers looking for gig can easily find it in the search.