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Gig is not visible

hey why my gig is not being displayed in the concerned section?.I have created the gig today.I got this message-your gig is alive!

Your question is not really a tip for sellers, but anyways … :wink:

Your gig is visible. Search fiverr for english to hindi and you will find your gig in the New Sellers tab. It’s the second result now in the new sellers tab. Once you get orders and reviews, your gig will move up the line and it’s very possible to find it under the related and high rated tabs :slight_smile:

Reply to @presseditor: Thanks for mentioning that this is not really a tip for sellers. Perhaps the author can move this question to Fiverr FAQ. If not, I or another moderator can move it but for the moment I’ll leave it. Thanks for offering advice to the post author as well!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Nothing to thank, we all were new at some point, so it’s natural to share if you are able to :wink: