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Gig is nowhere in the search (Solved)

After my 10 orders were completed on my youtube video editing gig, I was getting contacted by at least one buyer daily. For 3 to 4 days, I received no message. So, I checked my gig in the search box but my gig was nowhere in the search not even on the last page!!.
I searched it on the forum and I found a topic where a seller edited the gig and it was back on the search. I edited my gigs and made some changes like adding FAQ’s, requirements etc.
Then I waited about 8 hours but it had no effect. If I will contact customer support the will keep the ticket open for 12 days and then mark it as solved( done with my last ticket).
So if somebody knows how to deal with it Please help me
I also searched with exact keywords that are “do professional youtube video editing” but in vain


Actually The same happened with me but luckily I got a solution (though for a single gig) let me share it so you might be able to help yourself

My gig was receiving constant orders and reviews from the buyers but I was also facing a problem many times that buyers ordered a gig without contacting me first. So I made a little alteration in my gig pricing and after that …MY GIG IS GONE out of the search results … The same happened with 2 of my other gigs

Actually its some kind of rule here that once you make a change in your gig, it shall be reviewed by the Fiverr team before it gets back in the search results. I actually complained for 3 of my gigs in which one has been restored in the search result surprisingly in 2 days while others are left for a solution to be found yet.

The Covid 19 situation has further fictionalized the situation and it may take upto 10 days for a solution. All I would recommend is to reach out to the seller help and support and complain that your gig isn’t getting shown in the search results and most importantly afterwards… Have some patience

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I read in forum that if the gig is ranking high and it is edited then it wil be lost. But if the gig is already lost and we edit it then it works opposite and maybe it will get the gig back.
That’s why I edited my gig. I hope it does not worsen the situation.
I will send a ticket if gig is not back after 3 days


I read the same problem
I change some of the gigs
Now I can’t see it in the search list

I am not getting any response from the support

Will it get back to its place after a while?

I wish it works the opposite for you and get your gig back. Please tell me also once you get the solution and I will tell you in case it get it

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Ok, I will inform you
One more thing, you said to submit a ticket to CS. I tried it but it doesn’t let me submit and shows your gig is active.
How can I post a ticket to CS if it is not resolved?

can you show the screenshot or tell me what it clearly says ?? If it says its active with an underline beneath the Active word, it means its already active . If there is not underline and its says that “its active but please show it to the customer service for review” then you need to send it…

In case of the second option there is a word in blue “here” click it and send your complaint

Thanks for the response. I found teh blue here and I am sending a ticket now

No problem please dont forget to let me know when you get the solution .


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Hey! My gig is back in the search and it has the same rank.
I think editing the gig worked for me and yes I edited my gig once again after that and after 2 days it is back in search


You are Lucky man. Best of luck.

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Even I had the same problem and after contacting Fiverr CS my gigs were restored by the grace if ALLAH