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Gig is on first page yet no order

My Best Selling gig of Landing page with 75 reviews is on the first page when someone will search for landing page

Yet no knocks in the recent days… Anyone else also facing this issue?

[ i know search results appear different to buyers, but my gig will either be shown on 1st/2nd ]

How to do this please suggest me.

try checking you conversion rate %. If it’s too low, people enter in your gig but don’t buy it.

Know that there are other 47 gigs on first page. Some have more 1000 reviews which people may be buying.

First page doesn’t mean you will have sales. Due to the randomized gigs placement, your gig may be on first page because you had luck or because you are performing well.

If you are not getting sales, the problem isn’t with your placement, but with your gig.

Yes because there are lot of sellers so buyers check who is best and they can trust , read these details may be you will something helpful

one thing i am not understanding my gig is not in search but i am getting orders and receiving messages
is it possible?

Where does it land under category/sub-category recommended/best ratings listings? A lot of people look there before doing specific kw searches.

Thank You For Your Kind Information