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Gig is on the last page in the matter of a day

My name is Zaynab, i made an account way back in 2014, and a few months ago I got back working on Fiverr again, My gig was in the 4th page of a minimalist section and my work was going really good I was getting 5 stars, I was getting 7/8 orders every day , but now i am not getting any orders and after doing research I found out my gig is on the very very last page . I also did some research on here and I can see many other sellers are facing the same issue, and I feel this is not fair. any thoughts ? or a way of getting it back?

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Hi there,
Cancellation of orders can cause this issue. Just don’t give up, orders will come! Make sure you stay online always.

hey, not had any recently, i see a lot of people are having this problem, where they are just pushed back for some reason , and their gig is not back yet , i am scared same will happen to me , i was so excited i was getting orders and i was making dollars