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Gig is pending review but the reason doesn't seem to apply


How do I get in contact with someone at fiverr to clarify. Background: I submitted the gig yesterday, it became active immediately and I started promoting it on some forums I frequent for filmmakers (my gig is designing movie posters for indie filmmakers.) I wake up this morning to a few dozen page views and one order (yay!) but also a message saying my gig needs modification. This was the canned reason I got in the email:

"It appears that your Gig: ‘create a minimalist poster 4 your indie film movie’ needs to be modified.

Here’s some advice to help get your Gig listed on Fiverr:

Images are crucial to attracting buyers. Please make sure that your image is:

  • 682 pixels wide and 459 pixels high so that it fits the full frame
  • clear, sharp and in good focus (not blurry, pixelated, too dark or washed out)
  • represents the service you are providing
  • original, meaning that you own the copyrights to it (either a photo you took or created yourself, or have a license to)

    To modify your gig click here"

    Well, I already had uploaded 3 photos of that exact size showing examples of my work. All of which I own completely, since obviously, that’s my gig. They are as hi-res as possible considering I was limited by fiverr’s size constraints.

    The only thing I can think of as to why they asked me to revise was that there is black space between the posters in the images. Basically, the reason for this is because when I uploaded just the posters themselves, it was cutting off the tops and bottoms so any prospective buyer would not be able to see my work. So my solution was to create new images of the exact size for fiverr and fit the full posters inside those.

    Aaanyway. I wasn’t sure what I should do to change anything since the only ‘instructions’ I had were identical to the instructions I followed yesterday when creating the gig. So I just clicked ‘save’ to see what would happen and it was accepted and now says 'pending approval.'

    From what I understand if it gets rejected for some reason I will simply not be able to do this gig ever again. I realyl just want to make sure that a real person reviews the gig and that they know my reasoning for everything and see that I followed the rules to a T. And if there is something else I need to do, I would be happy to change it but I need more specifics than ‘upload images’ which I already did.

    Sorry for the rant, I hope it didn’t come off harsh, because that’s not my intention. Just wanted to thoroughly explain everything and hopefully get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Oh, and here’s the gig for reference.