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Gig is removed by third party complaint

My gig is removed , i got a mail from fiverr like this - Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of us. But i did delete that gig and created a new one but still that was removed . why ? please make me understand this, i need help !

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What was the gig about?

quora answer, backlink

Yeah, that’s a big no. Don’t do that it’s against Fiverr ToS. Keep making that gig and your account will be banned. Read the ToS

so what can i do ? that gig was powerful for me … and i got my first order from that … impressions , views , clicks were more than any other gigs of me

Honestly, you’ll just have to figure out something else. I mean, you can’t do something that breaks the rules even if it is successful. If I were to sell my sister’s prescription diet pills, people would really want to buy them and I would probably make great money. Then I would be arrested. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read the Terms of Service carefully and keep reading the forum to find out what does and doesn’t work. Hopefully you’ll hit on another success.

Can i recreate my gig again ?

And yes i did not understood what you meant …

If you try to make a proft by making a gig that breaks the rules, you will probably be removed from Fiverr.

i just want to know if my gig is denied by fiverr , can i create it uniquely again ?

If you create it again and they decide that it still breaks the rules, you will probably be completely banned from using Fiverr ever again. That’s all anyone on the forum can tell you. If you have other questions, you will have to ask Fiverr staff directly.

thank you … i have contacted contact support , so will it help ?

I don’t know what you said to Support and I don’t know what they will say back to you, so I can’t answer your question. I don’t know what you are trying to get out of ths conversation. Perhaps while you wait you should read Quora rules. I just glanced at them and I doubt you can have a gig offering Quora Answers/Backlinks.

No one on this forum can tell you for sure what Fiverr or Quora will do, though. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you for your response

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