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GIG isn't showing up in search result

My Gig is active but is not showing in search result with any keyword GIG Category is also right .My GIG Link is :
How can I solve it?


Please contact the fiverr support team. If your gig is not active message to the support team . They are very helpful. They active your gig as soon as possible.

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My GIG is active …

I also have the same problem 2 days ago. Solved it by pausing my gig and activate it again.

But my gig Status is active … If I pause it and then active.Will it work?
What was your exact situation?

Yes, I know. My gig was active too when I had the problem. It didn’t show up at search even if I sort it from newest arrival. I then pause my gig and reactivate it. It showed up!

For how much time you paused that gig?

like 2 seconds? I just paused it and reactivated it right after


Thank you so much… It’s working :heart:

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No problem, Glad to help!

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Don’t pause it. :expressionless:

why? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: