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Gig Issue (Posts moved from old thread)


my gig is denied by Fiverr and 1 of my order is running on that gig. Now how can i change my order to my other gig?
Please help me

Want to Edit Gig but Order In Quee

Sorry for that, you can’t change it.
Just work on your order and deliver.


not any problem ,…


How many gigs did you have? I can only see 4.

If the denied gig isn’t showing anymore, I would sugget you contact CS explaining what happened and asking them what to do.


it is best to complete your orders first then do edit it


yes ma’am i have delivered the order and he has marked it as completed and gave me 5 star. but it’s only shown on my profile not on the gig. because gig is denied and removed


i had total 5 gigs. 1 is denied. yes i have contacted CS. let’s see what will they do


yes i have completed my order and buyer have gave me 5 star review but that review is only shown on my profile but i want to reactivate my gig and this review is shown on it

@catwriter That gig was related to “Social media marketing”. I can advertise your ads on social media e.g Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter. I can also manage your social media.
Beside that i am a professional web developer, file converter and expert in MS Office (PowerPoint, Word and Excel)


What was your gig about? What did you offer?