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GIG issues accepted wrong order

i mistakenly accepted a GIG to help a guy do is project for his MBA i wasnt able to give him what he required and now it has actually affected my GIGs and its up for cancellation almost all my gigsand it keeps up bringing up 'you require to modify your gig when i already cancelled the order i need a way out please

i am aslo agree with you fiverr must do anything.

@learngenius it isn’t fiverr’s fault she took a gig by mistake. No one’s fault but her own. If she needs to cancel it’s on her. Always, always take care in what you do here on accepting or cancelling things.

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I and my client no one wanted to cancel the order then why fiverr cancelled
our order.This happend with me.

Anybody please, please I cannot download files even when I find them

contact customer service and wait. 24-48 hours. No one here can help you and you need a big heaping pile of patience.