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Gig items Gig Extra: title contains illegal characters


I have no clue what it is i’m doing wrong. I’ve been at this for nearly 1 hour. No spaces at the start, no characters other than english letters, no unique characters (:;@.) etc…

My titles are:

Chapter Creator
Creation Aplenty
Prime Novelist

I’ve took out capitals, put them in, changed titles, re-wrote them. Nothing makes a difference. Why is it so darn specific?



Looks like you posted this about 4 hours ago. Got it sorted?

Capitalization doesn’t matter, except if you included a whole bunch in the gig title or something. Check your Gig Extras you can only add (.)
Characters like (,), (&) or (!) etc… will not be accepted. Maybe another forum aficionado will see this thread to give you suggestions. :slight_smile:


I’m stuck here also! Been trying all night to add a simple Gig extra, but keep getting this error message when I try to add an extra with the title “Social Media Names” (or any variation thereof).

I’ve reached out to Fiverr many times about its vague and frustrating error messages, but this one is the worst I’ve seen in a while.

Did you ever get it sorted?


I have the same problem. Did anyone figure out what went wrong?


I believe the only non-alphanumeric character you’re allowed to use is the comma. Any other symbol, like a period, hyphen, or exclamation mark, is illegal.


This is the title of the gig I’m trying to create (without the quotes):
‘Run script’
I really don’t see whats wrong with it :confused:


Are you using the words “I will” or “for $5”? That can trigger the same warning.


Needs to be a minimum of 15 characters.


I’ve changed the title to ‘Run script on linux’ 19 characters is below the maximum and more than 15 characters but still gets me the same error …


I forgot to mention this is a extra title and the full error is:
“Gig items Gig Extra: title contains illegal characters”