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Gig items price can't be blank

Fiverr stop and pending my gigs due to i dont have $5 basic services, the asked me to modify my gigs, but when i editing my gigs it’s doesnt work…same failures when saving…it’s says : Gig items price can’t be blank…which one is blank? already fill the price and modify as $5 but can not be saved. Is this some kind of error from the fiverr system or what?

Really annoying and can not understand where is the BLANK matter. Can somebody help me or Customer Service please?

Already contact CS but still no respond for this matter.


They’re probably talking about the Gig Extras where you create the add-on services. You do have to manually select how much these gig extras costs, and if you don’t, it won’t process.

And yeah, you do have to offer something for $5. That’s in the ToS.

Here’s some BLANK on Gig Extras…but where’s the option to fill the blank? I dont get it…manualy typing on blank can not do either…is this only happen to me?

Because I’m not a graphic designer, none of my gigs include these extras. I don’t know.

You could try checking the check-box, that may allow you to enter data into the blank fields. Specify any amount, and then uncheck the boxes. That might fix it.

Gig Title not a problem, so i made changes to Gig Extras into $5 services couple time still can not … so what is the problem?

Already checking and un - checking the boxes and there’s no option to choose the prices. Really dont get it about this situation.