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GIG Keywords Recommendations

I created a gig about 2/months ago and i got very good impressions + view + click.
But now the same gig is gone down :frowning:
Now i have a question how can i select keyword for my new gig?
When type i got some recommendations is a box like if i write Youtube Banner the recommendation will be like (YouTube Cover) so the question is it good practice to use my own keyword (without recommendation) or should i follow Fiverr recommendation?
Kindly share your thoughts.

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Good question. You follow Fiverr recommendation for the rank.

But at some point’s recommendations are useless, if i want to use Amazon Product recommendation Fiverr only show Amazon which doesn’t clear my services.
And i never use any keyword without Fiverr recommendations that’s why now i am asking if i use my own then is it possible to rank?

For this kind of problem you use your selected keyword but you see your tag are not showing on the gig bellow, then edit the tag again and delete any tag. Finally add a last tag you use Fiverr Recommendations tag. Then you see your all tag are showing & hope maybe got the gig rank. Hope you understand. Thanks