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Gig killed by the search algorithm


I have a gig with more than 1.000+ 5 stars reviews that after I edited a extra price has dropped out of search results. My gig was always in top 5 results for “youtube banner” keywords but now is not showing AT ALL. Why?
Even with a ton of 5 stars review, my gig is not showing on sort by “relevance” or “best selling”. How can a gig with 1.000+ reviews that dose only youtube banners is not relevant to the “youtube banner” keywords? why is it now showing on sort by “best selling” but gigs with no reviews at all will show?
It’s funny how gigs with no reviews that have in their portfolio designs done by me will show up.
I know how SEO works, the keyword is in my title, gig description and gig keywords and the gig was doing fine before the edits.
How dose the search sistem works if it’s killing gig relevant to the keywords searched but is showing gigs that has nothing to do with, must be a joke.

Here is the response from the support about what is happening, what do you guys think?

Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about that.

Although we do understand your concerns, please keep in mind that Fiverr is constantly making changes to improve the buying and selling experience on our site. We want buyers to find the best sellers for their specific needs. Because of this, Gigs will rotate. We are not able to guarantee that your Gig will remain in the same position. Many other sellers “compete” for the same location within search. If another seller is performing better that you, their Gig may appear higher in search results.

We use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors we take into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose certain criteria for our search engine, as this information is proprietary.

However, here are some of the things that can help you in receiving the best possible search position.

Provide high quality service
Deliver on time
Avoid unnecessary cancellations
Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
Adhere to our Terms of Service

Customer Support will not accept requests for better placement of your Gig.

Kind regards.

Edit 2:
After a few days, another member of the support answered to the ticket altho it was “solved”

"I understand your concern, but please go to Selling > Orders > Active and you will see the number of active orders you have for this Gig.

​​Keep up the good work, complete your orders and your Gig will start showing in the Search results as soon as the number of orders in your queue decreases.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,"

I don’t know if that was the problem, but it’s now back to normal!
I don’t suggest spamming the support with tickets, but you need to find the right guy to help you out. He solved my problems in just a few hours and I had this problems for more than 8 days now. I would like to thank him!

I learned 2 things from this:

  • 1 never edit my gig ever again!
  • 2 keep calm and try to find the one member of the support who will help you out. (All the members of the support team had help me out since 2013, but with this problem? only one helped me out this time)


Hi, but when we do edits in our gigs then it takes 24 hrs to back in search results and it is not only for you but for everyone who do edits… so don’t worry wait for 24 hrs …


I had to wait 3 days and open 2 tickets for someone to review and approve my gig. It’s been 2 or 3 more days since it’s back up and did my best to get some 5 stars review hoping it will rank back up, but nothing.


Mostly it takes 24 hrs but if you have already waited for 2 to 3 days and open 2 tickets then i really don’t know what to do ! There is only CS which can help you… so create another ticket until it get resolved… Sorry i can’t do anything for you…


I will try that, hopefully I will find the nice members of the staff who always helped me out, not the ones who took care of my last ticket was closed by me today after 6 days with no response! I’m on here sicne 2013 with more than 2.000+ orders completed and I get ignored if I disagree with the copy and paste responses.


I hope you will get your gig again on top … good luck


thank you! I will need it…


Let us know how it works out. Best of luck mate <3


Thank you!
i opened a pretty long ticket, i will keep you guys up to date!


Do you work for fiverr or are you speaking from your experience? just curious because you sound like to the go-to-person whenever someone needs help on fiverr…



Well i am a seller over here and i have experienced some of the things which i share and some other things am learning from our experts over here :slightly_smiling_face: I believe in helping others if they are in some problem and if i know something then i always try to help them. It is the best thing that we can do and actually that’s the reason fiverr forum meant for…

So everyone come forward and share whatever you have in your knowledge because it will sort out other problems and for those who hesitate to ask questions( like me ):sweat_smile: can get answers from you…


Staff members aren’t often seen on the forum though they make announcements occasionally. Their forum profiles are labeled as staff.

While there are varying degrees of experience, non-staff members are usually sellers/buyers who are replying to contribute opinions. I don’t know of a single go-to person or anyone that would have time for that.


They should check the forum from time to time, we the sellers keep this website alive and it seems that whenever we got a problem, 90% casese we receive a copy paste message, like I did now.