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Gig Language

I have been trying for days to create a couple of Gigs in spanish. I cannot simply create a Gig in english and translate it because I’m not offering that service in english (at least not yet). Every single time I make sure I’m in the correct page and I make sure it says Language of the Gig: Spanish in the top right corner. Yet every single time within 24h I get an email saying that my gig is in the English language section of fiverr and thus removed. And it is not as simple as just clicking language this or that, I have to start from scratch (4 times already).

I’ve oppened a ticket and I have yet to recieve an answer to this simple problem.

Can someone help me with this, I’m planning to give up fiverr (If I cannot offer my services it makes little sense staying).


You have to publish your gig through instead of

I did but although in everystep it stated language was spanish the final result was an english lang gig

Of course the resulting Gig was then marked as needs modifications