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Gig late because buyer won't respond


A buyer ordered 100 words of writing and sent me a copy of an email she wanted rewritten, which was 400 words long. I thought she probably ordered 100 words by accident when she really needs more than that. I sent her messages asking to clarify what she wanted, and entered a dispute asking her to provide more information and extend the delivery time. Again, she has not responded. Now Fiverr says my order is very late and that she can cancel if I don’t deliver soon. Why should I get my perfect rating tarnished by a one star “seller failed to deliver on time” review because she wouldn’t tell me what she needed?


You should open a ticket with customer support immediately in situations like these.


I agree you should notify customer support to cancel this since there is no way you can do this order without hearing from her.


And do it NOW before you get that horrid 1 star!


In this job, you need to be very sensitive and if you have no message from her cancel the order.
I had the problem like that and my gig was late because the customer did not know how to download the file.