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Gig limit is not disabling or increasing the limit

It happened after the message error which came 2 days ago and when Fiverr open the website after maintenance then everything was OK but I am not able to turn off my gig’s limit neither increasing its limit.

I am still having this big technical issue with my gig. My gig is not removing from the limit. This is my top-selling gig and I am so worried about it. I have contacted CS and also shared all the screen records and everything they asked for. Then they transferred my ticket to the technical team but I am not getting any update it has been almost 24 hours when I received their last reply. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Is there any Fiverr’s representative who can guide me that what should I do this time? I am going into loss :frowning:
I will be very thankful!

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I have the same problem. I hope this will be solved very soon because now I have more time to translate.

@astriddr Do you also facing this problem after there message error maintenance? I have lost my revenue and also my gig’s impressions and views etc. They should compensate us after resolving this issue (by seeing previous performance before this issue).

Same problem, fiverr support is still not responding after 2 day or they just ignore me. This will affect everyone business, who added this limit.

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@ionutsebastian Sorry to hear that. My gig limit is stuck on 1 and every time I get 1 order my gig limit get full.

Also currently facing the same issue. Following on this thread for updates. Thanks!

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I received message from CS that they are working on this and they will notify when the problem would be corrected.

But I am wonder to see that how is it possible that it has been several days but they did not fixed it until now.

I commented on Fiverr’s facebook page’s post and they asked me to contact CS but I again replied their that I am not receiving any update then they asked me for the ticket number and said that their agent will contact me asap.
Then after the 2 hours of their this comment, I received the message of CS in which they said the issue is resolved and then I checked and see that was really fixed!!

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Thank you for your updates! I also checked, already fixed! Have a great day!


Thanks for the thread! They fixed, BUT the gig is still can’t be found in search, is it only with me? And status shows Overbooked. I’ve contacted support, waiting for reply too…

This is fixed in my account.

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