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Gig link sent in fiver chat

I have a doubt. My seller told me to send my gig link to him on fiver chat so that he can buy my gig. I did sent him my gig link on the chat of the fiver app. Did I violate any fiver external link policies. Did I do something called as external link violation. Please answer.

Little confused here. Since when would a fiverr gig link be considered an external link? If you worry about possible consequences, it’s best to double-check the policy beforehand. Links in general are not an issue as long as they do not link to an external commercial page with a shopping cart for example but apparently that does not apply in your case. Look at the TOS if you have any doubts :+1:

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Let me clear it again. I was chatting with my buyer on fiver app and she wanted to buy my gig. So she asked me the gig link which I sent her on fiverr app. I hope it’s not a problem.

I was just clarifying.

Linking TO fiverr is never a problem :+1:

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I would have sent a custom offer for the gig she wanted to see. :thinking:

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How did you set the whole link of your profile in your profile description.?

Do you mean on the Forum?

Hi everybody,
While typing, I got the warning “your message will be reviewed as there might be External Link Violation”. It got confirmed by an email this morning.
I am quite shocked because if Fiverr can somehow spot “links” on the chats, they surely can analyse the content of the conversation !
I’m a Freelancer and was buying a gig : I needed a designer to redo professionnaly, on his agency software something I had done on a free version of Powtoon… which does not allow you to convert to any transferrable format. Therefor we had to find a way for me to pass on my template.
I do not feel at ease on Fiverr now, and hope my seller is not going to get any blame for this !