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Gig make me upset

hey guys, i am new here.
i create a gig and publish it recently, but there is no view and impressions.
just 0.
in the sector where it has to come, i can’t find my gig there too.

so what’s the problem? is my gig was not published?
if it is published then why cann’t i get any view?

help me pls.

this is my gig>>

Maybe you need to offer something of higher value. Most people can convert PDF files for free using their own software or online conversion software. I don’t know if they would spend $6-7 for something they can do in a few minutes.


maybe you r right… tnx sir for answering me

You are welcome, madam. :slight_smile:

(I’m joking, but it’s best not to assume someone’s gender.)