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Gig making problem

Hello everyone,
I am Level 1 seller,so I get chance to make 10 gigs.But problem is that when after making and publishing gig it does not show “Congratulations on creating your new gig”.
When I go to see my gig through the other gig new gig does not show.And I made 12 gigs to see am I getting chance to make another gig or not,there have a option to create another gig.
I am worried that if buyers do not see my gig how can I get order?Anyone can give me suggestion?



You’ve got 10 gigs up

You can’t make any more new ones until you get to level 2 - then you can have 20! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all gigs appear in the search.

Added - all your gigs are virtually identical - that isn’t really allowed. :frowning:


What should I do? Do you have any idea?

Delete the duplicate gigs?

You only need to offer one gig for ‘bookkeeping with Quickbooks’ - you’ve got eight of them.

That’ll free up 7 gig spaces for adding extra gigs! :slightly_smiling_face:


Now I can understand the problem.Thank you so much for your kind help.:heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Delete multiple gigs, try hard to level up. Then it will be cupcake.

Wish you happy freelancing


Thank you so much.:slightly_smiling_face: