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Gig marked complete and rated but analytics say its not rated yet

Hi people,

Thanks for sparing a part of your precious time to read this.

So what my problem exactly is -

Today, I received an order and delivered it. The buyer marked it as complete and gave a positive review with 5 stars. I can see the rating on the gig page and also received the amount. But at the analytics page, it says “1 NOT RATED”. I’m looking forward for the Level 1 badge for which I needed 3 excellent reviews before this order. After completing this one, I should be left with only 2, but the analytics still say I need 3 (stuck at 7).

I want to know, if this is common or just me? Will I be given the badge when I get 2 more positive ratings even when they’re not showing up in analytics?

EDIT : For inquiry, this is my gig :

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Hey, thanks for the reply!

I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.

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Reply to @kjblynx:


After waiting for 1 day. The analytics still say the same result and shown in image attached.

So basically, what I want to know is… if I get 2 more orders and complete them with excellent rating, but I lack behind in 1 order in analytics, will I get the Level 1 Badge?