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How will I do gig marketing? How can I bring my gig to the first page? Please give an expert opinion.


Not all gigs can be on the first page.

Example: Business card - there are 10976 results - they can’t all be on the front page.

Just keep doing your best, offering great customer service etc. and the rest will follow. Check your tags and SEO titles match what you’re offering.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


1/upload 7 gig at a time,
2. give proper title , tag description.
3. do seo
4. share social media
5. make video for gig.


What and what social media will be best for doing gig marketing?
How can I go seo of my gig?


twitter .

just optimize pic or video . and also mention some kw in description section


its may be updated …


please explain the social media name. which media are drive more traffic ?


thanks for your tips


You can post your gigs on Many Fb groups…


I assure that Social media is powerful for gig marketing.


i am doing social media marketing Fb and twitter lets see what happen .


this is a good answer :grinning:


provide best service in your categories you will get order and views and click trust me fiverr will give you opportunity if you can give best value to your customer