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Which marketplaces can get good results if you do gig marketing?


You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. Study YOUR target customers, learn their needs, wants, and what they respond to, and then determine where those specific target customers hang out. Then, go to those places, connect to those potential buyers, and convince them to hire you.

There is no easy way to find your unique target customers. You’re going to have to do some market research to figure these things out. We cannot help you with this. Those are, after all, YOUR target customers. All of us have a very different set of potential buyers. That’s how business works.

Don’t look for the easy answer. Be willing to do the hard self-responsible work.

thanks you for your infomation

That will depend on your costumers. What is your service? As @jonbaas said, study your costumer, who are they, what they need, where are they…

I work in music and I found twitter great for my services as a singer and songwriter. I also noticed that instagram has many accounts for freelance designers working on Fiverr so I guess that instagram may be good for designing services. I tried instagram and I don’t see many possible clients for me there.

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