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Gig marketing in social media account

I am new seller on fiverr.
I want to know that if i get click and views form social media my gig will rank?

I’m also a new seller on Fiverr. The social media marketing strategy that you want to follow is excellent and you giving the URL link of your Fiverr Gigs via the share system available in Fiverr. When anyone clicks that link from any sort of medium whether its from the Facebook or Instagram or any other social media sites, the person will be redirected to the Fiverr site to view the Gig which will definitely helps your gig to rank higher gradually. Hope the answer will satisfy you.

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Thank you so much!!!

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Its really felt good when I can help someone. Anytime :grinning:

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Did you get any orders from that?


I didn’t get any order from the social media site yet but I have previous experience of getting clients when I used to work for the local clients. But the strategy is quite good when you able to search for the particular types of clients and try to follow them they do notice about your social post. When they need something related to the service he/she may give a visit.