Gig Marketing on Facebook



Can anybody tell me plz what kind of facebook group I should post my gig? I’ve posted in some groups but admin treated as spam. So cant understand properly about it. Thanks.


I don’t find Facebook marketing to be that effective for promoting a Fiverr gig. If you’re a designer or something, then I guess it works, but for random, run-of-the-mill gigs, it’s just not targeted enough. For one, these people probably don’t have Fiverr accounts, and two, if they do, they’ll already have found what they want using the search function.

If you can find a group that talks about what you offer, then a gentle nudge may work. Other than that, the best way to be successful is to create a beautiful Fiverr gig and optimise it for success. Fiverr has lots of targeted traffic. Seems silly to go elsewhere looking for what’s on your doorstep.


How to make facebook timeline for gig


Many Thanks @sara1984