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Gig marketing reality

As it is mentioned by Fiverr that gig marketing creates a large possibility to increase gig sale.
I am a level one seller and within 40 days I completed 21 orders.
Any of the orders did not come from outside Fiverr.
So I want to know how much reliable gig marketing is and if anyone get feedback from social site by marketing please share your experience.
It will be great to hear from you.


It depends on how many people you have on your social site profile, how active they are to share your gigs further, etc.
I am not too active on Fiverr. But, my social profiles at LinkedIn, Facebook, etc have really helped me to grow my business a lot.

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I recommend focusing your marketing efforts in other places than your personal social media accounts. I’m fairly certain that your friends are not your long-term customers. So, you’re going to have to do some market research to figure out where your target customers are located. If you can tap into a community of those target customers on social media, that’s great. But it’s also a process that is easier said than done. Don’t expect your marketing process to be as easy as posting a link, and hoping for success. Search, study, experiment, explore. The more creative you are at pursiing these tasks, the more easily you will tap into your desired customer base.


I noticed that you joined Fiverr in September and have 21 orders already. I joined in July and now have 14 so you are doing much better than I am. My advice is that when you are given advice on the Forum, take the advice of the more experienced Fiverr user (the one with more completed orders) and not the one with less experience.


I spent some time back in 2014 advertising my gigs using paid ads i various places, sales went up and the majority of my gig traffic came from the outside. My gigs climbed up to the first rows in search results and there they remained for a couple of years after i stopped advertising.
The thing is there is no way of knowing if the ads were the reason for the exposure or not, but if you got some extra time and/or cash to spend it surely wont hurt to try.

Paid advertising, if done at the right place, in the right way, often does yield results. My business has grown a lot out of paid advertising and since mine is a repeat type of service, I now get all my work through repeat customers and referrals (word of mouth. I no longer need to advertise. There has to be a good strategy in order to see growth.
Take the example of Fiverr. When it came, there were other similar platforms. Fiverr was unknown. But, now almost every online gig person knows Fiverr all around the world. Hiow did Fiverr market itself ? It started from somewhere and scaled it up.

You are doing very well for 40 days of work without having any outside marketing. I’ve marketed outside and am 28 days old and have completed 9 orders.

I had no idea, Vickie!

I assumed, given the level of activity and the rapport you have built in the forums, that you were Level 2…

I am retired with a few sources of income. One of them being substitute teaching. I make $80 a day doing that for 6 hours a day. However, I do not like venturing out in the winter because of the cold and the icy roads and pathways. Moreover, schools are germ factories. Last December I got the flu in spite of having a flu shot. So I limit substitute teaching to two days a week and hope to build my Fiverr income so eventually, I can stay at home in the winter and have a bit extra during the summers when school is not in session. My friend @jonbaas could be a bit disappointed in me if he knew how much I do not promote myself. However, there are things like my house to clean, the grandkids to play with and time to sit and visit with my dear hubby. However, I love to be here at the Forum and meet, interact with and be befriended by people from all over the world! That amazes me.


I market my memoir writing gig with a serial on wattpad about writing memoirs. I started it just for fun and it actually ended up bringing a ton of customers to me. But then I’m also really active on wattpad and have a lot of reads on my other fiction books.

I think gig marketing has to offer something of value in order to hook the interest of potential clients. I also think it should be something fun that you enjoy doing. I write for fun, and so it’s been a great way to promote my writing gig. It’s also a natural/organic marketing method. I would do it anyway, even if it wasn’t bringing me sales.

I’m not a marketing expert, but that’s what has worked for me; being genuine and finding a unique way to capture attention, while also letting people know where to buy my services.


I haven’t tried gig marketing, but i have only done 12 orders from which i made over $1000. However, i intend to try promoting my gigs outside fiverr and paid ads appear to be the way to go, but i think i’ll hold off on that for a bit and try posting links on twitter using trending tags and maybe sharing it on linkedin too. It’ll be an experiment, so expect a report from me in 60 days :sweat_smile: but ofcourse, if the experiment is successful, i’ll may just create a $50 gig for those that want the report :sunglasses:

Hi can you please suggest me where i can do paid marketing for gig

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Why don’t YOU do some research online to see what paid advertising options are out there? Your gigs are your business – YOUR freelance career. YOU need to do the research to determine what works for you. We’re not going to drop everything we’re doing just to make you successful.

Get out there and see what’s available. Then try some things and see what works.

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion

My advice is only “valuable” if you put it into action, which, I have a feeling, you probably won’t be doing. But you’re welcome for the advice, nonetheless.


But isn’t giving each other encouragement, advice, and SHARE ideas what this forum is for?

Encouragement and sharing useful ideas is one thing… but new sellers begging veteran sellers to endow them immediately sales and success is another. I’m happy to encourage sellers; but I’m not going to tell them what to do so they can avoid the hard work (research, experimentation, self-education) that they don’t want to do.

There are no easy roads to success on Fiverr, and I am happy to share that bit of advice with everyone who expects easy success without hard work. :wink:


nice answer , i like it

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