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Gig marketing techniques

Hey, every experience seller. How many ways suggest to me for effecting gig marketing? Please help me I don’t get messages and order from a buyer. Which marketing way is very effective? Thank you. Khalid Hossain


If there was a simple answer, there would be no Gigs without trillions of sales.

#1 of marketing its knowing a) your product and who wants it or b) something that people want enough to part with coin that you can do better than the average person. And then you need to get people convinced that you are the right person for that task - a safe bet.

Who are YOUR customers? Profile them. If that is hard seeing you have none then look around and work out who you would like to serve (in a practical, doable way). the moment you find yourself saying “everyone from 8 to 80” smack yourself in the face with pointy fish and start again with reality as your focus.

Do some research on Me, yes this black duck and pitch me. Make me think you sound like a good plan to hire. I’m not easy to sell to but I used to sell. If you can get my attention, then you are going in the right direction.



you can read this article it is helpful

You Can Marketing at Fiver gig Forum and Other sites, But don’t spam