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How can i marketing my gig to come on first page ?
Help me!

Why would a trick exist to knock out all the old/established/professional/hard working/proven efficiency sellers and put you in the first page? Give me one good reason why you deserve to be on the first page in front of the Pro Verified, Top Rated, Level 2, Level 1 and so on.

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This would be a very poor business if you could get on the first page with a trick.

The algorithm is designed according to Fiverr’s business goals, not your whims. Also, don’t you think the thousands of other sellers would use this trick if they could? And if so, how would they all get on the first page?

Finally, if I had a trick like that, why would I give it to my competitors? Think about it.

Stop trying to find tricks to game the system. Start researching your market and improving your skills.


Right ! Right