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Gig metadata is missing

I received an email from Fiverr telling me that they moved my Gig into a new subcategory (I am not sure if this something good or bad) but the email was optimistic anyway
they told me at the end to review my Gig’s details and adjust them according to its new category.
When I am trying to fill in the new data they tell me that gig metadata is missing although I filled in all the required data
please anyone that ran into this situation helps me
and thank you

Did you fill in the pricing and other pages as well?

i did
but they are talking about the metadata and they are all checked in green

I know they’re talking about metadata - but sometimes issues with other pages can actually cause the gig to not save properly and can flag up an incorrect error message. Either it’s user error (you made a mistake somewhere) or it’s a bug. In most cases it’s the former, so it’s easiest to start a process of elimination to fix that.

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thanks for your reply
Do you mean to start filling in again all the data?

“process of elimination” means making a list of potential reasons there’s a bug and checking each one.

Filling in all the data again in a new browser could help, because maybe it’s a browser issue
Or just start again on same browser in case you missed something
Clearing cache and trying again


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Thank you very much
I will try this