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Gig modification requested?

Hi everyone, my gigs were paused because of the use of same images for my gigs but they are different.
Underneath my images I have different texts underneath - for example I have “psychic reading” “the aztec spell” “future spouse” etc. I asked Fiverr Support a while back if I could do this and they said yes.

I attached an example

You can see a yellow flag underneath my photo. This is ok correct?

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Could you try resizing them maybe? When you see them on your profile page etc. they do all look the same because the banner isn’t visible.

The recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px.

I try my best to resize them - they show up fine in my profile.

Here’s the one that is currently active:

They are technically different images so they shouldn’t be an issue.

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I’m not seeing the banner at all I’m afraid:

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It shows up fine when you click the gig - it shouldn’t really be my fault that the searches make the images show up differently.

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Try making your images to the size suggested in the help centre, then the banner can be read, and they’ll all be different. :slightly_smiling_face:

If a buyer looks at your profile they do all look the same.

I’m not sure if that’s enough to count as different images, there was someone a while ago who had actually different images, similar images but on purpose, subtle differences, he smiled on one, and not on another or such and not the exact same image and yet he was told they aren’t different enough, maybe I can find it in search … here it is, in case it helps.


I just re-submitted the modification. I personally feel they are not the same images and it may have been due to an error but let’s see what happens.

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So my images got denied for either low resolution or image size. I just uploaded new pictures of me and added some texts, I don’t feel like going back and forth between this stuff.

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