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Gig modification required

Received a message:

"You are one step closer to having your service available in our marketplace. However, there is one change you need to make before we approve your Gig:

Your sessions may be covered via SKYPE for only 1 month maximum. Please modify all of your gig elements (description + packages) to reflect this"

I will not be skyping as I have no webcam, so not sure about what they are asking me to modify. I have not stated anywhere on my Gig that I will be offering Skype.

Anyone can help? Please

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You will have to talk to Customer Support about this. We cannot help you approve gigs – or comply with CS review requests – here on the forum. We are not Customer Support. This is, alas, an issue that needs to be resolved between you and CS.

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What kind of service are you trying to offer in the gig they want you to modify? Do you have anything in the gig description or package descriptions that says your service will extend to a certain amount of time? (For example, do you have something saying that you will offer “6 weeks of Spanish lessons” or anything else time related?

Thank you for your response

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You’re welcome. …