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Gig move 1st page to 18th page in 3 hours!

Working at Fiverr from 2017. From 2018 My PSD to WordPress gig always appears on the first 3 pages. I never had an order cancel in my Fiverr life. I never get a rating below 4.7
today after completing an order. I search my gig and not found on the search results. then I found it on the 18th no page.

How is this possible?? if you go after 15 pages, all top quality seller is there!
So, it like professionals need to think about their business without Fiverr?

I try to talk on CS but it like there is no option for talk about gig visibility & ranking. they talking something Fiverr algorithm. I want to ask what type of algorithm is it that make distance from professional freelancer to client!


Same problem. My gig was in the first page but suddenly it disappeared from search result.

Same problem with my gig also…

I dont know what happed, it back to first page now. :no_mouth: