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Gig Multiples a Good Thing?

I may be preaching to the choir here, or complaining about something that other people would love to have; so please hear me out: I hate gig multiples. Here is why. Imagine you had a to-do list everyday from your boss or your significant other, or whatever. Everyday, usually, there were at least 10 things on it, so you would get your cup of coffee, get ready to do it all by the end of the day, and start doing it. Near lunch time, you would look at the second half of the list, so you thought you could get ahead of the game after a nice lunch, and POW! Item #7 is actually 5 things to do! Suddenly, your work load has increased by 50% for the same time period, and only half of that is left. You panic. There is a nice little note with a smiley from your wife or coworker or whomever, saying, "I liked the first time you did this so much, I want 5 of them this time!"

It’s an imaginary scenario, but you might get my point. I am sure that some of you will have some clever anecdotes on this situation; but I just wanted to share, and ask: Is there any way to turn off gig multiples? I absolutely do not want to get more than one order per customer per day. Gig extras, those are fine. Thoughts?

Reply to @mrproofreading: but why would you be getting something of that magnitude without knowing? Many sellers write in their gigs to contact them before ordering. Then if they don’t contact you first, and they still send a 75,000 word eBook, you can tell them what your delivery time would be for this project or offer them a mutual cancellation so they can find someone who can process their order in the time they need it.

And if someone gets 15, 3D gigs like you are saying, a seller who is getting that many sales needs to set their time accordingly. If you look at some of the top super sellers, their delivery times are like 2 weeks in some cases.

Reply to @chiboyxy: Well, for one thing you have some grammer mistakes in your profile and you should leave a space after a comma. And who is this team by the way?

The other issue is your logo photos for your gigs are not even clear, they are pixelated and a litlte bitmapped. Someone doing graphic design work needs to have clear images. And they look like they are all templates. Even one of your phones says new templates at the top. Not a good idea to let buyers know you are using templates.

Wow, I am just the opposite. I love gig multiples. Maybe it because my turn around is 7 days, so I see the order and add it to the schedule based upon size.

There is no way to remove gig multiples I’m afraid. I too dislike them, so I resorted to including order limits on each gig.

For example: “Please contact me with any content over X words to confirm availability.”

Gig multiples didn’t really change anything, before the feature came along buyers could just manually make multiples orders. Atm the only solution that has worked for me has been not to compete with delivery times and not offering an extra fast option. Before this i used to go into vacation mode every time i had more than one order.

Both ways work but both have huge drawbacks resulting in a huge drop in sales.

Still as i never want to see the timer at 0 on an active order i’ll just stick with my repeat buyers and an occasional new client.

Allot of different version of a solution have been posted in the suggestion forum over the years, the solution is a way for sellers to limit the amount of jobs you can have in the queue simultaneously.

Gig multiples are no different from getting several orders, it’s all a question of time management, and with gig extras you can extend the delivery time by 1+ days.

Just cancel what you can’t handle.

If you do not want more than one order per one customer per day, then either extend your delivery time, and maybe also add in your gig description to please contact you before placing an order for more than one gig.

THe issue is, this is a selling market. I understand some people do it part-time on top of other things, but that is why you increase your delivery time so if a bunch of orders come through you can pace it out. And if you really get a flood of orders, put your gig on vacation mode and don’t turn it back on until you are finished with your orders.

Other than that, if you have too much that you can handle, just do a mutual cancellation right away. And if you have it written clearly in you gig that they must contact you before placing an order, you can just say that it says it in your gig and so you need to cancel.

It’s kind of like when your math teacher “only” assigns ten problems of homework, but once you open your book and start looking at the problems, you realize that it’s not just numbers ten through twenty, it’s 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d, 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, etc.

I actually kind of agree with you. It would be ideal if a certain number of gig multiples extended the delivery time, so sellers whose gig delivery times are set to their actual turnaround times, didn’t have to constantly go on vacation or cancel orders if they were overwhelmed.

It does work to just extend your delivery time like other users have mentioned. Of course, you will have to constantly explain to people that no, it won’t actually take that long, those timelines are only for bulk orders…but still. It works. Kind of.

I definitely agree with you here, I always wonder why it is the when someone orders a gig multiple the days don’t increase. After-all if the service provided, for example is: ‘I’ll design a logo for your business’, duration: 1 day, then ten logos should be, 10 days where the seller should be able to add a discount percent in the settings say 10% off for orders over 5. That way the seller has enough time to complete all of the orders and the buyer benefits by having a discount.

Wow, am I really hearing vendors complaining about having mores sales? Get a grip look at each job when planning your time and deal with it.

Reply to @euromarketing: That’s kind of difficult when you get sent a 75,000 word eBook that needs editing within three days.

For a seller with no sales, this could be achieved; however, when you’ve got a queue with 30 other orders, “time management” isn’t part of the equation.

If I order 15 of your “create a detailed and dramatic animation in 3D” gigs, all of which require the professional voiceover extra, along with the 24 hour delivery extra, could you do it? If you couldn’t, would it be down to poor time management or simply being overwhelmed?

@euromarketing, I agree with @mrproofreading. And as a side note, it would be much better if we could offer support and input here without telling each other to “get a grip.” Mrproofreading is right - when people use gig multiples without speaking to you first, it takes advantage of the system.

And @webtelly, I feel your pain! I personally dislike when someone uses gig multiples and tries to apply a single “gig extra” to several multiples - for instance, purchasing 5 gigs but only one “express gig extra.”

hello friends,had like to say this is a great post,but am new here,and am getting it difficult to get buyers,so please i need your advice,you can check out my gig and tell me what you think…thanks for your assistance… opone

Thank you all for your feedback. I am glad that I am not alone in this dilemma. Perhaps Fiverr will take note and do something about it.

Reply to @sincere18:

sincere18 said: but why would you be getting something of that magnitude without knowing? Many sellers write in their gigs to contact them before ordering.

I do have limits on all my gigs, but trust me when I say that people do not listen.

If I receive an order of that magnitude, I have three options:
  • Cancel the order and increase my cancellation rating, subsequently damging where I appear in the search results
  • Deliver the order late and potentially receive a negative review
  • Rush through the work and potentially deliver sub-par content

    No situation listed above benefits either me or the buyer. If the buyer was strictly limited to gig extras, which add a specific amount of time onto each order, then this problem wouldn’t exist.

sincere18 said: And if someone gets 15, 3D gigs like you are saying, a seller who is getting that many sales needs to set their time accordingly.

What I'm saying is that theoretically, I could go to his gig right now and order 15x videos with all of the extras due for delivery in one day. Does this make him a bad seller if he can't accommodate my needs? Is his inability to deliver down to poor time management? No, of course not, it's down to the simple fact that gig multiples mean we have no control over what is received.

If you suggest that every seller has to "plan accordingly" by putting huge turnaround times on their gig, as well as no extrafast delivery "just in case", then I guarantee you that fiverr will not exist in 2 year's time.

We used to hate gig multiples because at the beginning when we desperately needed reviews we would get 1 instead of 5 for example.

Your problem with them, however, can be easily circumvented with some web development work on fiverr’s behalf. Maybe you can raise a feature request? Make the way multiples are displayed configurable or something similar…

This might actually be implemented, it does sound like a cool idea :slight_smile:

Reply to @david388: I expressed a contrary view, my right. You have your opinion I have mine. No point in a forum if we all sit here agreeing with each other and whinging. Healthy discussion is good.

Reply to @mrproofreading: The issue there is actually the 24 hour extra. There should be a mechanism where when users select an extra that specifies a required time to complete, that the 24 hour option gets greyed out. It would be better if the express delivery extra was “I will shave xxx days off the schedule” so the system calculates the time for all the extras and then deducts the express gig figure. Yes, I would be in trouble if someone selected the voiceover extra (which I sub contract and takes longer because its outside of my control) AND the 24 hour extra, but the present way things are done, there is nothing I can do about that, which is why I would like to see the express delivery system changed. What I do NOT want is to stop people ordering multiple gigs. Where a situation has happened in the past and it was something under my control I have sat up all night to get work done.

Ok, at the behest of all you good sellers, I posted this request in the Suggestion Box. Thank you.