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Gig Multiples a Good Thing?

Reply to @euromarketing: Completely agree with you about the role for healthy discussion. I was trying to gently remind you to be respectful. Telling someone to get a grip can feel hurtful or disrespectful. Cheers!

I was 50/50 on this. I can see the good and bad in gig multiples.

The good side: is that you get more money from your sale and it allows your customers to easily order a bigger order.

The bad side: is it allows customers to demand large orders without the time to delivery expanding.

This is not so bad if you have a 7 day delivery time, but if you set your delivery time at 24hours, then it may not be possible to provide a 10 gig order in that time.

@webtelly Rather than complain about it though, I would recommend putting a note on your gig to contact you prior to ordering. That way you can send the customer a custom offer in the message.

It seems I didn’t read how old this was before I started writing this reply. Anywho, I will keep this here.