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Gig Multiples in Writing & Translation need the same Overhaul the VO category already got

I´m repeating myself, but it still is a problem (I need to keep my delivery times “artificially” long and can´t offer fast delivery as a gig extra to avoid too many problems/cancellations - even more relevant now than it was, since all and any cancellations affect not just our completion rate and thus most probably ranking but also can lead to us losing our levels):

The Writing & Translation category needs the same overhaul regarding Gig Multiples that VO already got quite a while ago.

Why exactly can people just use gig multiples as they please to order any number of words without the delivery time changing? It doesn´t make sense - sorry, but if our gig offers, for example, 500 words in 1 day, that doesn´t mean we can automatically deliver 5000 or even ‘just’ 1000 words the next day just because someone uses the Gig Multiple drop-down to order more than the gig promises within a certain timeframe.

I don´t think it can be that difficult to implement something that either lets us choose the number of gig multiples available for our gigs ourselves or to automatically up the delivery time when the buyer ups the gig multiples, after all, it was done for the VO category, so it´s obviously possible technically.



Still desperately needed.

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