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Gig Multiples - Limit or auto-increase for delivery time *really* needed!


Once more, I´m waking up to an order where the buyer used the gig multiples of the basic gig to get to their desired word count. Makes sense, from their perspective, the drop-down is there, so why not click. They are in another time zone, so 10 hours of the 3-day delivery time have already passed, too.

So… someone ordered and paid, where’s the problem?

The problem is that the buyer ordered 14x the words the basic gig offers with a delivery time of 3 days, and that delivery time doesn´t change a bit, never mind how many words a buyer orders! That makes exactly zero sense.

Yes, I do ask in my gig to contact me for orders of more than xxxx words, because, you know, I need time to do my orders, unfortunately, I only sell time-intensive gigs, and I have other orders in my queue all the time. But some buyers don´t read, or simply order yet, we all know that.

Why can´t we
either limit the number of gig multiples a buyer can choose
or the delivery time does not change according to logic or numbers we set ourselves?

Again, gig multiples aren´t a problem if what you´re selling is pre-made PDFs or something, but it is a problem in a category like Writing & Translation, how can that not be obvious? It is a level perk that we get more gig multiples. Well, for me, and I´d think a lot of us, it´s a problem, not a perk.

My options now:

  • annoy the buyer with cancelling (yeah, cancelling, you know…) and explanations and ask him to accept a custom offer instead

  • annoy the buyer with opening a dispute and explanations and ask for a delivery time extension (potentially risking a cancellation, yeah, you know…)

  • do nothing and try and risk delivering late (yeah, you know…)

  • somehow make it happen and squeeze it in, which means working through this entire Sunday or working through one of the coming three nights, seeing that I already got orders in my queue which I must work on

This is not the fault of the buyer, mind you, the system offers those gig multiples, so why wouldn´t he use them.

What is wrong here is that we sellers can´t set the number of gig multiples a buyer can choose to a number that won´t lead problems for us (and consequently for the buyer too, if we can´t deliver on time, have to cancel etc.).

The solution, pretty logical and shouldn´t be hard to implement:

let sellers limit how many gig multiples buyers can choose (the setting is there for allowed orders in queue too, so why not here?),

or make it so that the delivery time changes accordingly.
Gig option A offers 100 words in 1 day? Then, if a buyer orders 500 words, the delivery time should change to 5 days - or to something the seller specified in advance.

Makes total sense, and should to buyers as well if they think about it - they still can use express delivery if offered/gig option B or C which might have more words included but a better delivery time ratio/ask for a custom offer for their needed word count and their desired delivery time.)

or, preferably, both of that.

Apropos, please also review the way the gig extras are handled.

In a category like Writing & Translating, you can order an extra like fast delivery/proofreading/whatever custom extra 1x never mind how many words you order. This should be made technically impossible. The number of extras that are ordered must automatically adjust to the number of words.
10x main gig (let´s say translation of 100 words=1000 words) with only 1x extra like 24-delivery (for 1000 words) or 1x proofreading (for 1000 words), makes no sense - obviously, the amount of extras needs to go up with the amount of multiples a buyer clicks.

The way it is set up now, keeps sellers, and thus buyers, from using all available options.

Pretty sure some sellers might offer lower delivery times and more extras too, if those unneccessary pitfalls were out of the way. My delivery times, for instance, are higher than need be, to at least give me a slight chance of being able to deal with situations like the above without any bad effects for buyers and myself.

Big Changes to Translation. Update Your Gig!
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As a longtime writer and editor here on fiverr, I second that!!!

Thank you for this post.


One would think it would be very easy to implement since it’s already available in the VO category (screenshot attached)

I can only imagine the stress and hiccups for you if the above happens. :roll_eyes:


Thank you, exactly, if there is any reason for not implementing this in the Writing & Translation category, I really would like to hear it.


Oh miiila, I have feared that very thing happening to me. I would offer to help you out of your bind, but my German is limited to: “Danke, Mein Hut hat drei Ecken, drei Ecken hat meinen Hut. Gehst du in die Bibliothek?” All remembered from high school German class many moons ago. That small vocabulary I am sure would not do you any good. :confused:


The thought counts, Vickie. :slight_smile: It´s okay, this time, I spent my Sunday on it, but Fiverr really should fix this, there is no reason they can´t do it for our category and they obviously have figured out the technicalities as Anna´s post shows. Well, here´s to hoping. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


All I know is “Keine Gegenstände aus dem Fenster werfen”.


Good advice! I had to google translate it though.


Haha, well, I like Vickie´s vocabulary better :wink: but actually, the trains here usually feature signage in German, English, French and Italian, so that might be the gist of my Italian skills too… but, luckily, there are so many Gelaterias and Italian restaurants. :coffee: :spaghetti: :pizza:


Bumping this site suggestion after reading a post by another seller having the same problem.

We shouldn´t have to beg for a time extension for this reason and pray that the buyer will accept it before the order goes late. It is an issue, Fiverr, please fix it!


This would be nice to see especially with so many issues surfacing due to lack of control. Reminds me of high school a bit where my class was tasked with translating from English to Spanish for an assignment. But poor ol’ me was tasked with English to Spanish to French.

Hope this gets implemented.


Bumping this. I’ve been complaining about this for years and it’s still not fixed.


So, it happened again. A customer ordered 3x gig quantity without the delivery time changing accordingly.

Please, Fiverr, you need to urgently fix this. There is no reason at all that people should be able to order 2x, 3x, 5x 10x, or more times the amount of words with the very same delivery time.

Especially seeing that apparently this oversight has been fixed for the VO category months ago already and Writing&Translation still have to live with it, and have to waste support’s time or risk rating drops and level demotion when asking a customer who didn’t expect a higher delivery time because the unlogical system showed them the same delivery time, never mind how many gig multiples they ticked, for a time extension when needed.